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Understanding National Socialism 

Translation by High Priestess Myla Limlal 


This article arose from the need to clarify both those who already consider 
themselves National Socialists while having a limited knowledge of their doctrine, and 
especially to those who are opposed to National Socialism. Those who never had the 
opportunity to study it thoroughly and know it by a version that was not from the enemy 
and thus able to take fair and sensible conclusions. It is an opportunity for our opponents, 
who were often manipulated to understand the truth about us, to unconsciously fight us 
and to collaborate on the same system aimed to destroy us. 

Many of our enemies have become aggressive towards us for finding a feasible 
solution. As well as to get rid of all the prejudice created by the propaganda of the mass 
media to defame us. The present article is an attempt to illuminate and clarify the truth 
about the National Socialist worldview, which was maligned and persecuted for decades 
by people who sought to protect the People's revolt against the power of money and the 
dictatorship of interest. 

Throughout the twentieth century, it was never given to the National Socialists the 
right to counsel or the opportunity of a fair and democratic debate. We were persecuted 
in many countries around the world; our ideas have been distorted to become repulsive 
and manipulated. Historical data was falsified to prevent people from knowing the true 
character of facts. Our books were burned, confiscated and banned. Our authors 
persecuted, denounced, exposed, and trapped. Thus, our inquisitors proved that we are 
a threat against the government, against international Zionism, against the system, 
against the power of capital, and against the bourgeois individualist mentality. 

All have tried to silence us, to trap us, and even kill us, yet they can never imprison 
or destroy an idea. It's time for revolt, a revolution against the Modern World, the hour of 
our freedom’s cry. It's time the gag fell to the ground. 

This text is divided into six fundamental issues that are the cause of a major 
misrepresentation of the truth about National Socialism - questions that many who call 
themselves NS did not reach a clear understanding - and one for personal reflection. 

1 . Is National Socialism “right-winged”? 

2. Is National Socialism capitalist? 

3. Is National Socialism “racist”? 

4. Is National Socialism Fascist? 

5. Is National Socialism a dictatorship? 

6. What about the Holocaust? 

7. Could I be a National Socialist? 

1. Is National Socialism “right-winged”? 

It is needed to begin with this topic because it is one of the most common 
distortions about what National Socialism really is. Numerous National Socialists believe 
it is right-winged, but without understanding what the correct meanings of “right” and “left” 
wings are. 

The term originated in the days of pre-revolutionary France, where those who 
wished to retain the system of government would sit in the right side of the Assembly, 
while those fighting for radical changes would sit to the left. Thus, the term “right” has 
been used to define the reactionaries and conservatives, and “left” to define the 

A rating of “left” was used predominantly by Marxist and anarchist groups because 
they usually engaged in revolutionary struggle. However, these terms do not apply 
according to the nature of the doctrine, but with the time and political situation of the 
moment. For example, in the times of Tsarist Russia, the Bolsheviks, because they 
represented a revolutionary movement, fitted to the left. However, when Marxist took 
power in 1917, he no longer represented any revolution to become of the situation; 
therefore, all manner of opposition to his regime would be left as Marxists would now be 
conservatives. Due to the frequent use of the classification of “left” by these groups of 
libertarian Marxist-Leninist orientation, it became common practice for any other doctrine 
in opposition to them to be labeled the “right”, and many National Socialists accepted this 
label, even though erroneous. 

A Revolutionary Force 

“(...) National Socialism is a new conception of the world that is more severe in 
opposition to the current world of capitalism and bourgeois Marxists and their satellites. ” 

Gottfried Feder - The National Socialist program of the German Workers' Party 

The major problem of the National Socialist Movement after 1945 was to ignore the 
changes taking place in society and continue living in the past. While other movements 
were growing, evolving, and adapting to the needs and problems of the time, others 
stayed stagnant, still living in the first half of the century. Few realized how many of our 
situations had changed, and that society today is not the same as 30 years ago. It is 
necessary to focus on the problems and the current present policy, adapt, and do 
something practical. We consider the Modern World and the current Western “civilization” 
as our greatest enemies. It consists of an absolutely materialistic and capitalist society 
with a bourgeois and individualistic philosophy. An empire built by self-interest and 
selfishness. An empire built not for the people, not a cultural or spiritual empire, but one 
formed by System oligopolies, monopolies, large corporations, and mass media 
unhealthily funded by an immoral and anti-national state that protects the interests of the 
powerful and of Zionism. 

Thus National Socialism seeks the total destruction of the Modern World. We want 
to end this era of decadence and the beginning of a new one. We want to preserve our 
culture and restore our roots, but we are not, in any way, politically conservative. We do 
not want to save the current degenerative values , do not want to keep a capitalist system 
or a corrupt government that acts against the interests of the people and doing nothing to 
keep our cultural heritage and preserve our race. We do not want a state that does 
everything to remain silent and that promotes the destruction of a culture of millennia. 

We do not favor the current (dis)order, but the fight against it. Our goal is their total 
annihilation. Abandon the perverted and selfish mentality incompatible with our 
collectivist nature. We believe in a violent struggle against the system to its destruction 
and implementing something new and fair. We will deploy the true National Socialist 
order. We're the ones who fight for the building of the spiritual greatness of man and cast 
out the interests of materialistic and selfish spirit. We wrestle not only for liberation, but 
for creativity and freedom. 

One should realize that the cause of our present condition and persecution are 
Western governments. They hate us, protect only the great interests and will do anything 
to prohibit us and imprison us. For them, culture and race mean nothing, only economic 
issues. Support such governments anyway is to prevent and delay the National Socialist 

"... The condition which must precede every act is the will and courage to speak the 
truth was forgotten - and now we do not see it either in the right or the left. ” 

Adolf Hitler - Hitler's Speeches, Baynes. Vol 1 The Institute of International Affairs. 


National Socialism never said it was “right”, this term was applied to us by the 
enemy media, only individuals who poorly understood and a few rock bands still carry it. 
Collaboration with political parties whom are “right” is a total waste of time and also a 
great contradiction. Most of them hate us and will be the first to fight an insurgency of 
National Socialist. Parties are not represented by the National Socialists because space 
is not allowed within said “democracy.” We are in total opposition against the dictatorship 
of money and the forces of international Zionism. 

The “left” and “right” wings mean nothing to us, we overcome such labels. We are 
collaborating with groups aimed at the destruction of our system and government. Even if 
such organizations have different ideas or even contradictory to ours, we have a common 
enemy: the System. We march separately, but we attack together. When we quarrel 
between us, the system will be strengthened. 

National Socialism is the end of an era of decadence and the beginning of an era of 
prosperity. Our goal is Year Zero, the renewal of a time, so we are totally revolutionary. 

2. Is National Socialism capitalist? 

“We therefore call for: 

1 1. The abolition of money obtained without work or effort. 

12. In view of the enormous sacrifices of war requires that all assets of the 
people, personal enrichment in the war must be regarded as a crime against the people. 
Therefore demand the confiscation of all war profits. 

13. We demand the nationalization of all monopolies. 

14. We demand a share in the profits of big business. 

15. We demand a generous extension of social assistance to the elderly 

1 7. Demand a land reform suitable to our national requirements, the creation of 
a law for the free expropriation of land for the purposes of the common good. Abolition of 
the agrarian interest and disabling all speculation with land. 

18. We demand the ruthless struggle against those who with their activity 
detrimental to the common interest. Criminals of the people, greedy speculators, etc... 
Will be punished with the death penalty, irrespective of their religion or race. 

19. We demand the replacement of Roman Law serving a materialistic world 
order by a German Community Law 


The common interest comes before the particular interest! “ 

Adolf Hitler and Gottfried Feder - The 25 points of the German National Socialist 
Workers Party (1920) 

Blood Against Gold 

National Socialism understands that the welfare of the community comes before 
individual interests of any other group. To National Socialism, money is merely a factor of 
exchange of material goods, a way to mathematically evaluate the work of man for the 
realization of future exchanges - what we call trade. 

All have the right to reap the benefits of their work, provided it is productive and 

In National Socialism, there is no difference between manual and intellectual labor, 
no labor divisions when it is honest. 

We are totally against large corporations that aim to rampantly profit through cruel 
and immoral ways before the good of the people. We are against companies that destroy 
the environment because they are more concerned with money than with the future and 
the world welfare. We, National Socialists, were the first environmentalists in history! 

Globalization is a phenomenon that marks the strength of usury and selfishness. It's 
the end of borders to the deployment of a global economic system that favors only large 
elites and not aimed at cultural preservation or the people, but only profit. The 
internationalism, by overcoming borders, destroy the national culture and promotes a 
consumerist Yankee anticulture totally a la McDonald's. The TV, an alienating instrument 
discloses this materialistic lifestyle and numbs society with futile and stupid fun, diverting 
their attention from the decay of reality. 

The system, as a capitalist agent, promotes mass immigration in order to acquire 
the provision of manpower for the employers that intend to reduce expenses and 
increase profits with no concern for the workers. Prejudice against national workers 
devalue the work quality, impoverishes the working class, increases crime, and deploys 
foreign cultures in nations that should be preserved. 

“The struggle against international finance capital and the loan has become the 
most important point of the fight in the nation for its independence and freedom. ” 

-Gottfried Feder 

Financial speculation is not intended for production, just unbridled profit without any 
kind of contribution to society. In National Socialism, just the job can be a source of 
wealth. Money cannot create money, money is not the product, and it is the exchange 
factor. The capital only fulfills the role as intermediary, it has no value alone. 

National Socialism supports free enterprise, provided that it is applied in accordance 
with the principles of the National Socialists. In contrast, big capitalists will use cheap 
labor from people outside the community - which harms it - for a cost reduction. Also we 
do not be hesitate to give the due rights of workers or to treat them in a malevolent 
manner to benefit us. The NS believes that the honest employer and employee can work 
together in mutual respect in a healthy and balanced environment. 

Marxists deny culture and race as immutable identity, replacing them by social 
class, but there is no such thing as a social class. The worker is not and never was an 
internationalist by nature, he is patriotic - he lives in a community, and has a bond with 
the land they work. Internationalists are the agents of globalization, bankers, 
businessmen explorers who cannot see country or nation, but only money. 

The spirit of National Socialism is a violent and radical opposition to the spirit of 
capitalism. It is the rebellion of the creative spirit and sincere human nature against 
exploitation of power and money. We are engaged in a struggle against capital and 
financial speculator. National Socialism is the sense of spiritual unity and cultural identity 
against the forces of greed and selfishness. 

The Social Revolution 

“I was and still am a child of the People. Was not by capitalists which I started this 
fight, but the German workers who took my attitude. ” 

Adolf Hitler 

The National Socialist German government increased the vacation of workers 
significantly, reduced the working day to eight hours, and applied a policy for welfare 
officials to give 2 hours a day of rest with play areas. In a year in office, factories and 
stores were remodeled following the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. 

Unemployment in millions (Note: Hitler took power in 1933) 

In three years, more than 23,000 stores were remodeled, 1,200 sports fields, 
13,000 toilets and 17,000 canteens were built. More than 6 million jobs were created in 
only 4 years and the unemployment problem was totally solved. Every German should 
pay one year of community work to rebuild the nation. Inflation was controlled. 
Speculative institutions were closed and the unjust profits of bankers, confiscated. 

The historic National Socialism has proved to be on the side of workers. We 
represent a worldview that believes in man, who believes in honest and productive work, 
in the sense of civilization - when the individual understands that they are part of a people 
and working together for posterity. 

The determining factor is character, the effort, the work, the individual’s will-power, 
and not the bank account. Already passed the times that tolerate the big bosses and the 
shareholders that have the destiny of our lives in their hands. 

National Socialism is the rebellion of man against the power of money. National 
Socialism is the true voice of the working class! National Socialism is socialist! 

3. Is National Socialism “racist”? 

The enemies of National Socialism did everything to create and link us to a picture 
of ignorant and prejudiced. They established policies of “racial hatred” in our own nations 
and the lie that we are “odious” as an excuse to shut us up. By using this pretext, we 
were persecuted, imprisoned and crucified by the system, and was never given the right 
to reply. 

What the enemies of National Socialism want is for the general public to not know 
the truth about our ideas and understand our worldview. In fact, our opponents are 
terrified that people understand the truth about National Socialism and that we stand for 
high values. His great fear is that the people rebel against the power of money, against 
the government and against a decaying system. 

Race and Natural Laws 

“Think that the fundamental basis of its existence must be to their ancestors. ” 

Walter Darre, La Polftica Racial Nacionalsocialista 

To National Socialism, the races are manifestation of the work of millennia of 
natural evolution and creation of human diversity. Race is the way in which nature is 
manifest in us. Destroy and amalgamate races - any race - would destroy all the work of 
Nature. It should preserve and cultivate our own strain, the legacy of our ancestors, our 
history and culture. By preserving the blood, we grow, collaborate and evolve with nature. 

We do not want and do not believe we have the right to destroy, exterminate, or 
impair any other race. National Socialism follows the concept of personal honor and 
respect for others people. We want our people as well as everyone else to create a 
mutual respect and be proud of their own culture, their traditions, and history. 

Blood and Soil 

There is no denying the existence of the various races that make up the human 
species. When we study history, we observed that different cultures are reflective of 
different races. The argument that races do not exist very often is a myth currently 
promoted by governments and systems that profit from the creation of multicultural 

National Socialism believes in the principle of Blood and Soil. Blood is the cultural 
heritage that we owe to our ancestors and how the ethnic community. 

When people share the same origin, creation and traditions, when they have some 
common ground, a land that their ancestors fought and cultivated for the future, have 
values and a similar conception of the world, they think and react in a similar way. If the 
emancipated individualist sentiment is for a sense of community; people tend to care to 
each other, and are not isolated individuals but members of the same people. This 
creates a sense of identity and bonding. This feeling is undeniable human and natural. 
When it exists, people work together, for the collaboration with each other to create the 

The Modern World is based on the materialist and capitalist world. It has nothing to 
do with the idea of community or cultural preservation; it is governed by a consumerist 
and individualistic anticulture. There is no attempt to maintain or grow the natural groups. 
The moral of modern societies is the pursuit of personal happiness, which would meet 
only with the accumulation of capital and material goods. There is no supreme value or 
spirituality as in National Socialism. 

As we are born into a certain environment and are created in a given culture we 
rarely think about the origin and reason for the existence of communities, societies and 
nations from which they came (which goes beyond history) and what really unites us all. 
The Community is the natural and historical consequence of the formation of any people 
who, over time, through marriage between persons will naturally develop a culture, a set 
of principles, a way of seeing the world, reaction to certain things, consequently a 
common history, which creates an identity and a bond. This identity and bond is natural, 
which has always existed in all tribes and communities of all cultures since the existence 
of man. This relationship creates a duty and a concern with people with whom we live, 
there is the goal of working for the common good of you care about. 

The main point of this question is to try to understand the essence of the 
multicultural society. Obviously no community (see that there is talk of society) is 
multicultural since the beginning, then what is the reason for the clustering of people from 
different cultures, races and principles living in the same space? What unites them? Is it 
a culture or unique identity? What would be the affinity between these millions of people? 
The answer is simple: money. The only thing that holds it all together is the system of 
production-labor-consumption. These are societies in which the essence is materialism 
and personal gain. There is no bond or mutual concern. As immigrants are people who 
leave their homeland to go to another to do well, earn money and spend more (“a better 
life”, as sociologists would say). Can you imagine an Indian out of his tribe and 
abandoning his people to go to another? Only modern societies try to replace that sense 
of community values such as the eternal search for personal profit, that money is more 
important than the people. The only reason for the existence of a multicultural society is 
trade and money, only this. Therefore, anyone, even where it is anti-capitalist, attacking 
“racism” would be a natural reaction to defend their space and culture. They would 
defend any multiracial society, and multiracialism itself, while advocating a society with 
no essence, history, culture or human bond, but only a system that makes use of the 
product for his people as purely capitalist interests. 

There is no reason for the existence of multiculturalism, only the capitalists profit 
from materialistic and individualistic societies. Exploitation only happens in multicultural 
societies, not in organic Communities where there is a mutual concern among people. It 
is perfectly natural that each race has their nation and territory, and that they can live 
according to their laws, cultures and values. 

Therefore, the current societies are multicultural, and all multicultural societies are 
fundamentally individualistic, materialistic and decadent. 

The multiracial idea promoted by degenerate sociologists, social engineers and by 
most Western governments is the idea that countries and nations exist for the sole 
purpose that individuals must live in search of money for their individual self-realization. 
It's time we faced the National Socialist conception it is not an abstract idea, but a natural 
human feeling and a reality. 

Facing Reality 

The truth is that racial conflicts do not occur when there is the existence of ethnic 
Communities, wars and cultural clashes occur only in multiracial societies. It is the 
instinct of self-preservation that creates hatred and discord, but thanks to multiculturalism 
that puts different people in the same states, which defends the interests of one another 
while attacking. 

The harsh reality is that multicultural societies do not work. While there are groups 
of people with values, religions and culture in one location, I.E. a way of seeing the world, 
they react to certain things in a different way. There will be hatred, discrimination, 
prejudice and war. It is in the nature of human beings to identify with his neighbor. The 
bonds formed by the origin, creation and tradition are a reflection of the power of the 
blood and form our worldview. Different people and cultures have different views. Ideally, 
each ethnic group has its territory and nation to live according to their laws, their customs 
and culture farming. 

The word “racism” can have many different connotations. Some use it as hatred of 
one race to another, others that it is self-preservation and worship of ethnicity and 
culture. The point is that National Socialism is a doctrine of love, pride and honor. If there 
are legitimate muiticulturalists, we are. We believe that all races should cultivate their 
own culture and that the mixture of these creates conflict and destroy them. We do not 
want the annihilation or inferiority of any race, but the preservation and evolution of 
human diversity and their differences. 

For more on this matter, see: 

4. Is National Socialism Fascist? 

There is much misinformation when it comes to Fascism, and because of this is that 
most people who talk about it have no idea about what it is really about. The term is often 
used to define the European nationalist movements and anticommunist character - 
especially the first half of the twentieth century. 

In fact, the term “fascism” seems to have no single explanation, since people use it 
for what they understand, as well for nationalist movements or to any political side which 
is opposite - pejoratively. 

National Socialism is almost always related to the fascist movement of the 1920s 
and also by many regarded as a “fascist ideology”. It is often said that the NS is a branch 
of the movement of Mussolini, or that somehow had been influenced by this, or even a 
racial Fascism with applied principles. All are false claims of defamation and speculation. 

Is National Socialism originated from Fascism? 

Both the Fascist Party and the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) 
began in the year 1919. Thus, the two movements have emerged around the same time, 
with no contact between them. The reason there are certain similarities simply because 
they were born in a fertile historical context for nationalist and anti-communist groups. 

While National Socialism arose from the formation of a Worldview, Fascism 
emerged as an anti-ideological movement, which was only based on the post-Marxist 
unionism. Fascism appeared as a system of circumstance, a reaction to communist and 
anarchist advance in Italy. Fascism did not have a specific doctrine as National 
Socialism, just a plan in relation to counterrevolutionary movements of the Red. In 
Mussolini’s manifesto there was no point or any trace of doctrinal or spiritual inspiration, 
just plain political demands such as women's suffrage, reorganization of the 
transportation sector, reducing the retirement age, abolition of the Senate, etc... Almost 
no revolutionary measures compared to those of the National Socialist movement. 

In 1922, during the March on Rome, where thousands of Black Shirts put Mussolini 
in power occurred. On November 9, 1923, the National Socialists try the same thing in 
Munich, and failed, resulting in mass arrests, including Adolf Hitler himself. It was this, if 
in any way, National Socialism was inspired by Fascism. National Socialism was the idea 
of a coup and the formation of paramilitary groups like the Black Shirts and SA. 

In 1 920, Adolf Hitler and Gottfried Feder had formulated the 25 points of the NSDAP 
and in 1925, the book Mein Kampf was published in Germany, while Mussolini had 
nothing but a nationalist and anticommunist discourse. The achievements of the Fascist 
Party were merely political and administrative, lacking a doctrine or as a complete 
worldview National Socialism. 

Then, in 1932, the term “fascism” appears on the Italian Encyclopedia in a space of 
37 pages full of photos and graphics. This was the only attempt by Mussolini - Ten years 
after coming to power - to include a doctrinal and philosophical aspect in his movement. 
Although the text is signed by the Duce, it is known that it was written almost entirely by 
Giovanni Gentile. This same text is then published in book form in 1935 - ten years after 
the release of Mein Kampf. 

Although Hitler and Mussolini cultivated a friendship for years, no one was carried 
away by their opinions, which were almost exclusively political and economic. They had 
advocated a vision of a completely new world. If Adolf Hitler admired the Duce it was for 
having led Italy as the first European country to contain communism, never for their 

If the fascist movement inspired Hitler and National Socialism it was only at the 
practical level: the idea of the coup - later abandoned by Hitler - and the creation of SA. 
However, it is much more likely to National Socialist Worldview had inspired the Fascist 
attempt at creating a doctrine. 

Some measures and Ideas of a Corporative Fascist State 

The Fascist philosophy never had any racial character before contact with National 
Socialism. In fact, the 1st current anti-Zionist Fascists does not appear until 1938 - five 
years after the arrival to power of Hitler and Mussolini. The most surprising is that there 
was a reasonable amount of Jews in Fascist movement and often occupying important 
positions, and even after 1938, very few of these Jews lost their positions in the “Italian” 

The Fascist State declared that foreign Jews over 65 years of age, and before 1938 
contracted marriage with Italians - the same miscegenation that the National Socialists 
were trying to PREVENT with the Nuremberg Laws - were now considered Italian. 

The Jews do not assimilate; they infiltrate a state from within and become parasitic. 
The Jews can never be regarded as European. Just merely political vision and state 
of Fascism and other current “democracies” may accept Zionists in their 
homeland and still call them national! 

Is it possible to be Fascist and National Socialist at once? 

Almost no one knows the similarities between Fascism and National Socialism, but 
their differences are much more crucial. 

“The state is a means to an end. Its purpose is the conservation and progress of a 
society from the point of physical and spiritual sight. ” 

“The human right overrides state law.” 

Adolf Hitler 

By National Socialism, the state is a means of preserving the breed, to improve the 
human being as an organic instrument created by man for man. The State in the National 
Socialist conception exists only as the people accept it as it exists for them. 

Only races create culture, values and civilization. The state preserves and 
cooperates only in its progress. The state is the political and administrative 
implementation of a series of values developed naturally over time by the people itself. 

“Nothing outside the State, nothing against the State, all for the state” 

Benito Mussolini 

For Fascism, the State is all. The State formulates and implements the life of man. 
Individual needs are suppressed, while the purpose is ALWAYS the state. The state does 
not exist for man, but the man for the state. The state produces; the state creates the 
nation and people. 

Fascism never believed in a natural and organic community, had no consideration 
of the blood, or even the people, it was just a model of state policy in a geographical area 
bounded by maps. 

Fascism does not differ much from the current “democracies” that are merely as 
political states without preserving race and culture with no great moral or value. As 
European governments now accept immigrants and not Aryans, the Fascist State also 
accepted them and still regarded them as legitimate. 

The Fascist conception of the State is, in principle, purely political and 
administrative. It is thus, totally unnatural and therefore anti-national Socialist. The 
Fascist worldview is in perpetual conflict with ours, so there would never be a state that 
was both Fascist and National Socialist. 

Several of those who proclaim themselves National Socialists also consider 
themselves Fascists - usually because they are of Italian origin - but this is just a 
demonstration of ignorance and no study on what Fascism really is. 

It is absolutely impossible to be Fascist and National Socialist at the same time 
because they are radically opposed ideologies and doctrines at crucial points. National 
Socialism presents a worldview grounded in the Natural Laws and moved by noble ideals 
where conservation and progress of the people is the purpose of life, and through the 
state, this purpose is achieved. As for Fascism the people are nothing, the state is 
everything and people are only subjects. 

We have nothing to do with the fascist “doctrine”. A National Socialist is just a 
National Socialist. 

5. Is National Socialism a dictatorship? 

Due to decades of enemy propaganda, the image in which the National Socialist 
government was portrayed was with that of oppressive terror, suppression of freedom 
and a harsh and dictatorial regime. The reason for the opponents of National Socialism 
creating this image was to frighten and create a false impression of the true objectives of 
a National Socialist State. 

It is alleged that a dictatorship is created simply by dissolving parliament and doing 
away with the current “representative democracy” at the time. The truth is that the 
German parliament was formed by politicians who only represented the interests of rich 
and powerful and that they had delivered the nation's destiny in the hands of bankers and 
all kinds of unscrupulous capitalist, leading the country into one of the biggest economic 
crises ever seen. Power was divided between numerous politicians - in the most 
dishonest manner - with different political ideologies, forming a government without any 
responsibility, moral or personality. 

National Socialism replaces this system of false democracy and applied the 
principle of natural leadership, which had a representative and accepted by the people 
who worked for the interests of this. 

Adolf Hitler, who as a young man and was a volunteer in the war to fight for their 
nation, took full responsibility for the fate of Germany and the Germans. He had all the 
confidence of the people to fully reform the country, improved socioeconomic conditions 
and ended the unemployment crisis in a short time. He also created new institutions such 
as the Front Work and Hitler Jugend to restore noble values, and thus build a new 

True Democracy 

There is the illusion that representative democracy is the best and fairest way to 
known government. It is the idea that the mere voting will ensure the people a chance to 
elect candidates who reflect their personal interests - and the individual vote - and thus 
have control of your own destiny. 

The truth is that elected representatives do not necessarily represent the interests 
of the community - especially when it is a company incorporated in individualistic ideals. 
Democracy in its true sense is not about voting in any election in a given period of time. 
Democracy and freedom are inseparable, not something selfish like simply voting. 
Democracy is a responsibility, to be part of the community and collaborate with it in an 
honest and positive way. 

The principle of leadership, Hitler was just a man ahead of his people, a driver of 
the masses. For him the confidence that incorporates the feelings and real desires of the 
nation, and thus has full responsibility for their actions and omissions is granted. 

“With this appeal to voters I intend to show others that governments 

True democracy is with us and do not hesitate to appeal to people. I do not 

I believe that any government that had guaranteed power for a term of 

four years would be prepared to consult the people within seven months.” 

Adolf Hitler - November 6, 1933 

Adolf Hitler was greatly loved and admired. To him was given the trust of the 
German people, which was always consulted and, at some point - no matter what 
Hollywood attempts to show - that trust has been betrayed or Hitler acted against the will 
of the nation. Although there are dozens of film about “German resistance” or any dissent 
against the National Socialist government, it is known that the traitors and opponents of 
the state consisted of no more than 10% of the population. 

On March 29, 1936, just over three years after Hitler's rise to power, a chance was 
given to the Germans to approve or disapprove the National Socialist government. There 
was an election based on pure propaganda just as nowadays, but a query to the people 
about actions and changes have already taken place. The vote occurred under any kind 
of coercion, force or intimidation, as observed by all present. The approval German was 
44,461,278, which consisted of 98.8% of the votes. A number never before seen in 

In 1938, the people of Austria and Germany had the opportunity to decide for or 
against unification of both countries. The approval of the Austrians was 99.73% of the 
votes, the German approval was 44,362,667, representing 99.02%. 

With the highest rate of approval in modern history, how can Hitler be the cruel 
monster and dictator portrayed by television, Hollywood, and every other bit of 
propaganda say he is? Obviously, opponents of National Socialism have a profile and 
interests to hide. 

After all, it was the bankers and capitalists who were expropriated by the state. It 
was the ruthless bosses who were forced to reform its factories, businesses and more 
rights for workers. 

Therefore, the National Socialist government reflected the genuine form of 
democracy. This was no candidate with more money and more resources for advertising 
elected by people concerned only with themselves and financed by profiteers, but in a 
real democracy, a real approval by the People. 

National Socialism is a real democracy by forming an organic state representing the 
true feelings and interests of the People. There is responsibility and mutual trust. The 
state is not formed by lies, canvass, or even a simple win 50% of votes, but an almost 
total approval unprecedented in history. The National Socialist State is formed by the 
confidence and will of the nation. 

6. What about the Holocaust? 

Hundreds of books and dozens of films are constantly invented with new dates to 
remember and writings for “celebrating” the Holocaust - the alleged genocide of six 
million Jews by the Nazis - in a semi-religious celebration. Of all the slander, this is the 
most used by the enemies of National Socialism lies spread by those who intend to 
destroy any attempt to reorganize the National Socialist Movement. 

Historians, many times biased and incompetent, which are using the same 
arguments as their predecessors - based solely on hate propaganda and lies - without 
even questioning or investigating what has been written, and so, working as true 
propaganda machines . They treat history as an exact science without allowing at least 
an answer or defense of the accused, and when this occurs, are not disclosed for fear of 
the Zionist lobby. 

Every version of history on the events during World War II was propagated by the 
victors. The National Socialists was never given the right to at least defend the charges. 
Sadly, history was written based on hate, propaganda and lies, not facts. 

Authors and serious historians who dared question the official story - the result of 
years of propaganda by Zionist - such as David Irving, Ernst Zundel, Robert Faurisson, 
Paul Rassinier, among others - with various Marxist political orientation and some former 
prisoners of concentration camps therefore unbiased - were banned, had their works 
banned and confiscated in several countries and some are in prison in a similar scheme 
to the Middle Ages. 

The Lies of Genocide 

The primary method for alleged genocide is the use of gas Zyklob-B in the gas 
chambers. The use of that gas has been proven to be scientifically impossible by the 
Leuchter Report - conducted by an engineer who works with gas chambers to 
exterminate convicts in American prisons. The gas chambers were actually built by the 
Soviets and Americans after the taking of the concentration camps, and their construction 
made it absolutely impossible to make any manner of extermination. They prohibited any 
of these serious and scientific analyses, and with the Leuchter report taken secretly, 
proving that the government has something to hide. 

Nor is there any proof that there was any policy of extermination, oral or written 
order of genocide of Jews. It was decided that they should be expelled from Germany 
and, if possible, from Europe, but some currents of the time advocated the creation of a 
Jewish State in Eastern Europe, but never exterminated. The rest is pure distortion, 
slander and speculation. 

Historical Review 

The intention of the Holocaust revisionists is not to justify or make political and 
philosophical debates about what was National Socialism, but a fair and accurate 
historical analysis of what really happened and what did not happen during the Second 
World War. 

Thanks to the alleged Holocaust history, the Jews were given a piece of land in the 
Middle East called Palestine, and that is now called Israel. The State of Israel today 
receives billions of dollars in damages for the alleged crimes of Germany to arm against 
the Palestinian State. The Jews have become an unexceptionable people, because who 
denounces the Jewish state is branded a “fascist” or “Nazi”. And ALL of it depends on the 
myth of Jewish Holocaust victimization. Defenders of the official story never held a fair 
debate with revisionists, but prohibit them and imprison them because they are afraid that 
the truth is revealed. 

We do not intend to delve into the study of revisionism here, but here are some 
pointers for those more interested in historical truth. Authors such as Arthur Butz, David 
Irving, Carlos Porter, SE Castan, Sergio Oliveira, Ernst Zundel, Paul Rassinier, Robert 
Faurisson and also the Leuchter Report. 

For proofs that the so called “Hocaust” is a total hoax, you can see: 

7. Could I be a National Socialist? 

After reaching a clear understanding of what National Socialism really is, the 
abandonment of the old lying massively produced conceptions and disseminated 
information after so many decades to defame us is necessary. 

The article presented is just a response to the false ideas and at the same time, a 
short introduction to the National Socialist doctrine free from distortion or tendentious 

Personal Revolution 

A true born National Socialist is predestined to be one. It is not enough to acquire 
basic knowledge, but owning a good-natured and decent instinct of an honorable person. 
Studying is useless when the personal essence is incompatible to the essence of 
National Socialism. Many who had ideas and a world view completely contrary to public 
opinion succeeded because they were National Socialist born. 

The National Socialist is an idealist who strives for excellence and struggles to 
create a new society based on noble values. Life ceases to be a quest for personal 
happiness and pleasures and becomes a fight for what is right. We give up the 
individualistic, selfish and bourgeois mentality to live a dignified and honorable manner. 

We must realize that we are engaged in the biggest fight in history. Do not fight for 
money, social or territorial conquests, but for the preservation of life itself. National 
Socialism struggle for a new way of life, a way of honorable and honest life. We fight for 
something that is pure and correct. 

The destruction of old ideas and false values, and the understanding and 
acceptance of the new: the realization of a personal revolution is needed. The National 
Socialist accepts and understands the Natural Laws. We are a manifestation of Nature 
and a part of the environment where our actions influence to everyone around us. 

We should know and be proud of the culture of our ancestors, as they are part of 
us, as we are of our children. What we are today is a product of our earlier generations. 
Our myths and our culture reveal the worldview of our race. The Aryan race has a noble 
and warrior spirit, a sleeping spirit but being awakened. The solution to our salvation lies 
in our own culture, our own values, and our own blood. Upon completion of the personal 
revolution, we find our salvation through self-knowledge, we find that answer when we 
look inside ourselves. 


The way of life in National Socialist is walking the path of personal honor and 
awareness for what is right and just. The National Socialist is an example of the 
honorable person and noble spirit. We are seeking the creation of a New Man, a man 
willing to pursue their own destiny towards overcoming the selfish nature. National 
Socialism is in a quest for excellence and creating a better and more just society. 

Our hands are tied, bound and repressed by our own governments. It is impossible 
for a National Socialist not to rebel against the current situation where the world is this 
sick reality. We strive to achieve our own freedom, freedom where we control our own 
destiny. We are at war against time. Are you willing to face the hatred and persecution of 
enemies and traitors? Are you willing to challenge the tyranny and free yourself from the 
bondage we face? Will you forgo futile pleasures to fight for something you believe with 
all your heart and know that to be correct? Can you view life as a struggle for our own 
freedom? Even when we should accept repression and be silent? It's time to wake up; it's 
time to do something! It's time to stand up and raise your right arm! 

Original text in Portuguese by Agao Nacional Socialista, 2006